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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Chat: Is ‘Good’ Elena Dead?

the vampire diaries

TVD expert Carina MacKenzie held a chat in the ConnecTV Watercooler March 29 to dish about the latest episode of the hit CW show. Read the full chat transcript below!

Carina MacKenzie I thought Katherine and no-humanity-Elena would feel SO similar, but Nina kept them very clearly defined.
Christina Nina is extremely talented
Monica Anders I don’t know how I’m supposed to really care about Katherine’s great love for Elijah when we haven’t seen them in a couple of years.
Sana Nina was amazing
Rebecca Can we talk about why we haven’t seen Matt sipping champers and wearing silk yet?
Carina MacKenzie I mean, I can’t imagine that Silas will be around past this season, so I keep thinking it’ll be him?
Tiffany I loved the scene in the diner, where Elena was trying to impersonate Kat
Damonandelena carina everytime they ask Damon about Elena taking the cure .. he stays silent… Is there going to be a moment where he just lets out a
Ashley Nina’s much better at Katherine vampire then Elena vampire tbh, she’s so unbearable as Elena vampire.
Damonandelena long speech about why he would want Elena to take it?
Carina MacKenzie Wearing silk? I hope Matt is running around that mansion in his skivvies and socks.
Carina MacKenzie @Damonandelena 11 No. Damon doesn’t want her to take it.
Margarita Can silas possess people or does he just brain wash?
Gimme DEx NOW! I love vamp Elena!
Christina I’m not a fan of how the writers just drop characters from week to week (Matt, Bonnie)
Avalon unless they cast someone as Silas to replace Klaus as the bad guy in Mystic Falls?
Carina MacKenzie That’s the problem w/ Damon right now — he’s acting out of obligation instead of what he actually wants.
Rebecca I was going with the hef mansion but I mean fair
Ashley Will Caroline eventually make her way to The Orginals
Ashley She seems so much more then just Mystic Falls tbh.
Carina MacKenzie No, Candice isn’t going to The Originals.
Damonandelena but I think a part of him still wants her to take it Carina… to give her the life that she deserves… remember (4×01)
Rebecca Damon’s love for Elena is confusing to me right now (please no one hurt me)
Christina Do you think once Claire leaves TVD it’ll be for good? i hope ont
Carina MacKenzie I really liked the Caroline/Klaus interaction last night.
Christina not*
Margarita I think Damon believes Elena can get her humanity back without turning into a human again…..
Monica Anders I wish the show would stick with one thing from Damon – one ep he wants to get it for her, next ep he makes a choice for her not to h
Carina MacKenzie Yes, Claire will leave TVD for good after this season if Originals gets picked up.
Avalon but I think damon does want her to have the possibility of honestly loving him. without the sire bond etc.
Carina MacKenzie They may do occasional crossover episodes, but I wouldn’t expect many of them.
Ashley Klaus and Caroline were cute last night.
Christina So cute. They reminded me of beauty and the beast lol
Margarita I think Stefan and Damon are going about this all wrong they’re looking for an easy solution in the cure
Carina MacKenzie I liked Caroline taking charge in there.
Gimme DEx NOW! what happens if the spinoff doesn’t get picked up?
Damonandelena I still think somewhere in Damon.. he WANTS her to take it… because he wants to give her the life that she deserves
Christina I think Klaus did too haha
Carina MacKenzie He deserved to have his insides meddled with a little. I feel like FINALLY they might be on even ground.
Ashley It was nice that she had the upperhand on Klaus for once.
Margarita Elena just needs time to find herself on her own again
Carina MacKenzie Though I still think if she hooked up with him, she’d be a big hypocrite, given all the s*** she gave Elena for Damon.
Carina MacKenzie And I don’t want my Caroline to be a hypocrite.
Gimme DEx NOW! agreed!
Monica Anders Yeah, because Elena always just let Stefan and Damon “find themselves on their own” over and over again.
Christina From what JP said, it doesn’t sound like much will happen between them
Margarita Meh Caroline’s already a hypocrite because she’s clearly attracted to Klaus
Christina Just little moments like they’ve been having
Damonandelena carina, any teases about delena in the prom episode?! since the promo was HORRIBLE
Ashley Could not agree more Margarita!
Carina MacKenzie Being attracted & acting on attraction are very very very different things.
Christina The promo made me cringe
Christina Especially the extended one
Carina MacKenzie Having a crush on a friend’s boyfriend doesn’t make you a bad person. Kissing him kinda does.
Ashley Caroline should just go ahead with Klaus, it’s better then Tyler who has the acting ability of a cardboard box
Rebecca Great point!
Avalon @Carina MacKenzie she kind of already is. she thinks klaus is so evil and he’s really no worse than any of the others including her.
Carina MacKenzie @Ashley Gonna ask you not to bash actors in here, thanks.
Margarita I think Caroline killing 12 people evened out the playing field for EVERYONE LBR
Margarita Emotionally cheating physically cheating eh gray area
Ashley Calling it like I see it, but I’ll keep it to myself.
Carina MacKenzie @Margarita Caroline killed them by accident to save her best friend. She had no idea what would happen.
Monica Anders She only *intended* to kill the ONE person.. so that makes it okay.
Christina Carina, what do you think will trigger Elena’s humanity to come back?
Rebecca I thought we sort of glossed over that Caroline/Bonnie thing last night, actually
Rebecca not that I want Caroline to suffer, but it seemed like there would be some sort of fallout
Damonandelena @Christina  I think it’s going to be Damon
Margarita Oh it doesn’t matter its not like we’re seeing Caroline experience major guilt over it
Carina MacKenzie @Christina I hope Elena’s humanity comes back because she wants to feel joy. Maybe graduation, being with her friends.
Damonandelena I think we’re going to see some humanity Elena next episode
Carina MacKenzie @Rebecca I thought there should’ve been a conversation with Bonnie! So weird that she wasn’t in this week’s after such a big one last
Margarita i like that theory wanting to feel joy
Christina Do you think no-humanity-Elena will last till the last episode of the season?
Damonandelena She’s going to see a hurt Damon… which could probably make her ‘feel’ again
Carina MacKenzie I think Kat’s episode order was smaller this week, so we get big epic Bonnie moments, but no emotional payoff the following week.
Ashley I would like Caroline to be the one to bring Elena’s humanity back, they’ve had some great scenes.
Carina MacKenzie Did you see that pic of Elena and Caroline at the prom? Looks like there’s going to be a bit of a face-off.
Rebecca Ah, got it
Gimme DEx NOW! Kat is too busy promoting her music
Tiffany @Carina MacKenzie I hate that Bonnie wasn’t around. She’s not my favorite character, but she deserves to have a reaction ON SCREEN
Carina MacKenzie Sorry, I mean Kat’s episode order was smaller this YEAR. Not this week.
Margarita they’ve been doing this with Bonnie’s character since season 1 tho
Monica Anders Hopefully, with the Originals on their own show, TVD can really focus on *our* original characters more, like Bonnie.
Christina Yup, saw it…. @carina I’m getting tired of Elena fast
Rebecca I REALLLLY hope Caroline is just jealous bc Stefan and Elena are breathing on each other’s faces
Christina I want a Steroline moment so bad
Gimme DEx NOW! Bonnie and Matt though are not part of the main cast. They can’t be in every episode
Damonandelena carina, any teases about delena in the prom episode?! since the promo was HORRIBLE
Carina MacKenzie Bonnie and Matt are part of the main cast.
Margarita Will Elena be actively playing Damon and Stefan at prom? Like pitting them against each other??
Tiffany @Gimme DEx NOW! yes, they are
Carina MacKenzie The ONLY actors in every episode are Ian, Nina, and Paul.
Christina I just hope that with the Originals leaving, they don’t fill the show with a bunch of Aprils
Damonandelena the promo honestly didntt even focus on Stelena…. it focused on Damon getting hurt… (delena)
Carina MacKenzie @Margarita That’s kind of what it looks like to me!
Mandy if Klaus has more or less said he won’t kill Tyler, why does Ty only come back for 1 ep?
Mandy The theory that Elena kills him is now
Margarita yeah I think Elena will try to distract Defan in order to accomplish a bigger plan she has
Damonandelena Carina… soo.. can you give us any teases about delena next episode? if you can’t… I understand.. I need something from this long hiatus
Christina Although I thought JP said Elena wouldn’t manipulate with sex/lust, but she really has
Avalon maybe she will kill Tyler because everyone won’t give up on her taking the cure?
Carina MacKenzie No, Elena won’t kill Tyler. He’s still a hybrid and stronger than her.
Monica Anders So do the boys know that Elijah has the cure now? Rebekah knows, right? Or did she not see that exchange?
Carina MacKenzie @Christina I agree, Christina. Julie did say that but it seems like she has and is.
Carina MacKenzie Rebekah knows Elijah has the cure, I think.
Margarita I wonder what Elena does do to lash out I think its going to be bigger then just snapping another randoms neck
Ashley I would think so since Katherine handed it to Elijah in the middle of the st.
Carina MacKenzie I think so too, Margarita.
Damonandelena I think these past episodes have shown how much Damon & Elena are the same person!! right carina?
Christina Poor Damon never has much luck at these dances, ha
Carina MacKenzie If Matt is the one reaching out for help, maybe it involves him.
Monica Anders She’s killed an innocent and tried to kill her best friend.. not sure how much bigger they can take her.
Carina MacKenzie I don’t think these last few episodes have been about Damon and Elena at all.
Ashley Actually I think Damon is better off cause he’s not as cold as Elena.
Monica Anders Can’t Rebekah or Elijah compel Elena to switch it back on?
Margarita That’s scary Matt should have stayed home
Rebecca Who do you think is going to get the cure?!
Margarita I think since 4×15 its been about Elena tbh
Tiffany Rebekah is at prom, right? Poor girl needs to attend a real dance!
Damonandelena @Carina MacKenzie no I mean… just how they both are when they’re humanity is off… how they’re both so alike…
Christina @Rebecca I think Damon is going to get the cure
Christina not by choice
Carina MacKenzie I want Katherine to get the cure, but I kinda think it might be Stefan.
Margarita I want Rebekah to have it because poor girl but it will be Damon
Damonandelena NOO Stefan is too predictable
frank trout why would Rebekah or Elijah care about Elena humanity being on or off
Christina They’ve made such a point to show that Damon doesn’t want it, that I think he’ll get it
Ashley If it was Stefan that’d be great, LOVED the moment last night when he wanted to move on and start his own life. About time.
Rebecca I think Damon too! But the issue with a vamp who DOESN’T want to get the cure getting it is that they would just make themselves va
Damonandelena Stefan would want it for himself
Carina MacKenzie If Damon gets the cure not by choice it’s not really a big deal. He can turn himself back into a vampire in a hot second.
Rebecca Maybe that’s the twist! They can’t turn again!
Margarita Damon is the only person who doesn’t want it he’s going to get it
Christina Maybe there will be a twist
Carina MacKenzie Who would want Damon to take it though
Margarita they wouldn’t do that tho
Carina MacKenzie Like why do you guys think anyone would give it to him?
Damonandelena or maybe none of them would turn Damon!
Christina Maybe he’s forced to
Rebecca Truth
Carina MacKenzie Or force him to take it, rather.
Christina Something with Silas?
Margarita I think Silas possesses Damon
Gimme DEx NOW! What if he takes it to try to bring Jer back?
Gimme DEx NOW! What if he takes it to try to bring Jer back?
Margarita Silas possesses Damon and takes it???
Tiffany I wouldn’t want to. If there’s only one dose, and there are a handful of people who actually WANT it, why waste it on him?
Damonandelena I really do think Damon is the one that’s getting the cure…
Margarita idk if thats possible
frank trout all I want to know is.. DOES ELIJAH KNOW KOL IS DEAD
Gimme DEx NOW! Plus him getting the cure would bring lots of angst. Elena couldn’t turn him cuz of the sb
Avalon if Damon took it it would break the sire bond. seems like either Damon or Elena has to. she can’t stay sired.
Damonandelena @Avalon  exactly
Gimme DEx NOW! And stefan would brood about taking his brother’s life and turning him into a vamp again
Christina They’ve made such a point to show that Damon doesn’t want it…it wouldn’t be completely impossible to believe
Carina MacKenzie Elena’s not sired right now.
Rebecca I keep saying to Carina it would be interesting if Rebekah got it and was human on TO
Damonandelena @Carina MacKenzie yeah… but when her humanity is back…
Margarita I think the sire bond is broken even if she turns her humanity back on it just won’t be there
Ashley Non sired Elena is so much more fun.
Monica Anders But if her humanity comes back, they think she will be bonded again.
Carina MacKenzie I agree. Because she doesn’t really have to flip a switch to get her humanity back.
Damonandelena @Margarita  I don’t know.. that seems too easy for Julie plec tbh lool
Carina MacKenzie As we’ve seen with Damon, it will just start creeping back in eventually.
Carina MacKenzie No, I don’t think so, Monica.
Avalon yeah but she won’t keep her humanity off forever. so the sire bond is still an issue.
Carina MacKenzie I think the sire bond story is over.
Christina Call me a hopeless romantic, but I hope something happens between DE that brings her humanity back.
Monica Anders They’ve laid the ground work, with Damon saying that anger was maybe the first emotion he let back in.
Margarita same i think the sire bond stuff is done and THANK GOD
Damonandelena @Christina  SAME < 3
Monica Anders So right now, Elena’s got a lot of anger and contempt.
Rebecca I hope it’s friendship love that brings it back, not romantic love
Gimme DEx NOW! same for me Christina
Monica Anders And those are emotions.
Margarita like i just hate that word so much
Tiffany @Rebecca  I agree.
Damonandelena I hope it’s Damon to bring it back < 3
Christina 2 words I hate because of TVD: sire and epic
Gimme DEx NOW! @carina Do you know anything about the season finale?
Damonandelena Carina… soo.. can you give us any teases about delena next episode? if you can’t… I understand.. I need something from this long hiatus
Carina MacKenzie Agree, Rebecca! I hope it’s Matt.
Rebecca Yeah! Matt for the humanity win!
Carina MacKenzie I feel like the one remaining human should be the one to remind her why humanity doesn’t suck.
sarah smith lol good point
Margarita I just want Elena to turn it back on FOR HER but i think the angle they’ll go with is Elena doing something super terrible that makes her
Carina MacKenzie Also, if he can handle the tragedy in his life, she can handle hers.
Ashley Do you know how much of a role the original vamps will play in the last few eps post 4×20?
Margarita snap out of it
Carina MacKenzie Way more people love her than love him.
Christina I would like that. If it wasn’t Damon, I’d love for it to be Matt
Rebecca #truth
sarah smith so true
Christina Carina, do you have any teasers for the upcoming episodes?
sarah smith i just now got in the chat…have we discussed stefans declaration yet?
Carina MacKenzie Honestly not really! I have been a little out of the loop lately.
Margarita I think if they want a happy Delena ending this season in light of a sire bond resolution she’ll turn it on for Damon as well
Carina MacKenzie No, we haven’t discussed Stefan’s declaration! That was my favorite part of the episode!
sarah smith yes mine too!
Ashley My fave Stefan moment this season.
sarah smith a great development that someone finally tries to break the cycle
Ashley I was like FINALLY.
Carina MacKenzie The greatest twist would be for Stefan to really, truly be over Elena, in the romantic sense.
Avalon @Margarita  I hope so! damon needs a happy moment!
sarah smith i hope not! lol im still a stelena shipper
Ashley Yea I would love that, he’s been into that girl for 3 1/2 seasons already.
Damonandelena @Carina MacKenzie I hope so
Carina MacKenzie Like, I think he loves her as a close friend after all they’ve been through, and right now I think he feels he has a debt to repay.
Rebecca I miss Stefan being in love (as you know). I hope if it’s not Elena it’s Caroline. I like the idea of him moving on but want him to be in lo
Monica Anders I don’t know, the show relies on the triangle SO much. I’d be genuinely shocked if they closed it out like that.
Carina MacKenzie But when all is said and done, Stefan is a catch. And he doesn’t need to be nipping at her heels firever.
Carina MacKenzie I. Want. Steroline. Too.
Margarita I think so too but they’re obsessed with the triangle I hope you’re right i want steroline
Rebecca You’re YOU. Sigh.
Carina MacKenzie Honestly, I just miss seeing Stefan as a romantic hero in this story.
Ashley I’d like Stefan to start a romance w/sum1 else, not another castmember. someone new.
Damonandelena I think we all know Elena is going to end up with Damon… so I rather Stefan have a chance at a life too…
Christina Does JP know that 99% of everyone would be so happy if that happened?
Carina MacKenzie And I don’t think Elena needs a romantic hero right now.
sarah smith @carina same!
sarah smith @rebecca the your you line..i will never be able to get over that lol
Monica Anders I miss seeing Stefan as the Ripper.. Paul was SO good that way, I loved it.
Carina MacKenzie Julie doesn’t write her show based on what would make people happy. That would be soooo boring.
Christina I’m still not over Stefan lifting her over his shoulder 2 weeks ago. I hope they have a cute moment at prom
sarah smith and theres no way to truly make everyone happy
Rebecca Stefan being romantic was at the heart of this show– I think we need it back. With Caroline.
Ashley I would love them to cast a new love interest next season for Stefan.
Margarita I really hope for the college years next season Caroline and Stefan are a thing
Damonandelena I think Damon is the heart of the show…. lol
sarah smith @rebecca..we def need it back..but i  dont want them to ruin the perfect steroline friendship we have
Gimme DEx NOW! Is the gang moving out of MF next year for college?
Ashley Caroline’s too much of a girl’s girl to date her best friend’s ex methinks.
sarah smith @ashley exactly
Margarita I think with time Caroline would be open to it
Rebecca I think Steroline’s love would only make their friendship stronger– that is why theyre so amazing!
Carina MacKenzie No, I think they’ll all be at Shane’s college.
Christina Stefan has been more of a friend to Caroline than Elena has for awhile
Tiffany @Ashley except she dated Matt
Carina MacKenzie Or at least, those of them that stick around/go to college.
Carina MacKenzie Honestly, I don’t think they all WILL go to college. Hopefully Matt, Bonnie, and Caroline.
Damonandelena Endgames should be Delena Steroline and Mattbekah
Carina MacKenzie But Elena doesn’t seem particularly interested in school or anything that has to do with school.
Ashley @Tiffany: True, but Stefan’s one of Elena’s great loves, she never loved Matt that same way.
Rebecca It’s fun to think that there are at LEAST 2 more seasons. So much could happen. and re-happen.
Damonandelena but I still like Stefan and Katherine more than Steroline
sarah smith i was confused about one thing last night..was katherine being honest about her feelings for ejijah? i mean what happened to her love
sarah smith stefan
Christina I hope this Elena ends soon. I don’t think it’s going to be as easy for people to forget this side of her, like they did Damon’s
Gimme DEx NOW! I think she was just using Eli
Margarita For Damon to continue to be relevant on the show next season if they all go to college Damon and Elena obv finish out the season tog
sarah smith a part of me thinks she was real..but then a part of me thinks she was playing him cus she knew it would work
Monica Anders That’s what made me think it wasn’t genuine love, Sarah.
Margarita idk maybe Damon will become an english professor
Damonandelena I think Katherine was playing Elijah
sarah smith @monica exactly because she knew she already screwed up and she had to think of another way to get what she wanted
Ashley That last scene helped me believe she really did feel something for Elijah, BUT as to if that would overrule her need to survive? I doubt
Damonandelena Carina are we going to get a Stefan and Katherine moment soon?!
Monica Anders @Ashley Yep, and she knows that this was the kind of thing that a man like Elijah would respond to.
Carina MacKenzie i odn’t think we’re going to see much more katherine
Carina MacKenzie this season, i mean
Damonandelena @Carina MacKenzie NOOOOOOOOOOO
frank trout Will we get Elijahs reaction to Kols death???
Rebecca If she always loved Elijah do you think she ever loved Stefan?
Margarita The last scene in last nights episode was my favorite all year really
Monica Anders Good. I’m over Katherine.
Avalon I think it’s both. just like with Stefan and Dam, Katherine’s feelings are real, but she uses them for her own gain.
Rebecca I’m really hung up on this issue.
Carina MacKenzie i expect some closure for elijah and the cure but i don’t think it’ll be about the salvatores.
Margarita Katherine loves herself
sarah smith @rebecca but in an interview in season 2, KW said that he told nina to play katherine as tho she actually did love stefan in their scenes
Rebecca Oh, interesting
Christina I think if Stefan gave Katherine the time of time, she would bite
Anne @Carina MacKenzie why did JP say that Elena is not like Katherine and that she doesn’t need to manipulate ppl with sex?
Christina time of day*
sarah smith but then again that was season 2..but with her risking her life in season 3 to follow stefan/klaus around i think she still does love him
Carina MacKenzie can we talk about really important things like do you think matt will have sex on prom night?
Damonandelena @Carina MacKenzie Thats not important…..
Gimme DEx NOW! maybe with Bex? LOL
Anne I mean the episodes proved us otherwise,,,
sarah smith @carina lmao i hope so, the boy has a whole mansion to himself to have fun in
Damonandelena LOL
Rebecca HE MUST
Christina In his new fancy house…I hope so
Margarita I think no one will have sex on prom night Elena will cock block EVERYONE
Christina @Margarita LOL
Rebecca he’s got sooooo many high thread count sheets
Monica Anders Maybe Matt can host the after-party at his new mansion.
Ashley @Margarita she does seem intent on making every1 miserable lol
sarah smith and its been a while since weve seen him shirtless, def high on the priority list lol
Gimme DEx NOW! Will we be seeing the doormat April again?
Margarita its going to be a depressing episode i feel it already
Carina MacKenzie I think Caroline and Bonnie should move into the Lockwood mansion with Matt
Carina MacKenzie and they can be college roomiessss
Christina I think Matt needs to be in every episode.
Ashley I agree w/this roommate sitch
Carina MacKenzie and the show can be a sitcom.
sarah smith @Gimme DEx NOW! i hope not! i couldnt stand her lol
Margarita no but seriously maybe Damon could become a teacher
Damonandelena carina… do u know if Elena is dancing with Damon too?
Margarita professor*
Christina @carina Great spinoff pitch
Christina LOVE IT
Margarita at whatever college they go to maybe a janitor
Carina MacKenzie no clue who elena is dancing with! i only know tyler and caroline get a dance… kind of.
Ashley I want Caroline and Elena to dance like Sherlock/Watson lol
Carina MacKenzie By the way, guys
Damonandelena I feel like 4×19 is going to be like 3×14…..
sarah smith yay forwood!
Carina MacKenzie There was a line from last night that was cut.
Christina What??
sarah smith ohhh what was it
Margarita What line?
Damonandelena @Carina MacKenzie what was it?!
Carina MacKenzie Rebecca told Elena that she needed sluttier eyeliner if she was going to be Katherine, and they added eyeliner.
Damonandelena @Carina MacKenzie WAS IT DELENA?
Monica Anders Nah, she said that her eyeliner wasn’t slutty enough.
Monica Anders we heard that
Carina MacKenzie She did?
sarah smith i thought they used that line about the eyeliner
Carina MacKenzie Oh I missed it!
Carina MacKenzie I was listening for it, too
sarah smith @Carina MacKenzie lol
Carina MacKenzie because when I was on set it literally made me laugh out loud
Rebecca I loved watching Rebekah with Katherine
Christina I loved the banter between Elena/Bex/Kat
Carina MacKenzie and the sound guy gave me the eyeball.
Monica Anders When she said it, I thought of you Carina, because you had mentioned it before.
Rebecca Rebekah looked so proud of Elena it was awesome
Margarita i think they cut out “sluttier” i didnt hear that but i heard something about eyeliner
sarah smith rebekah andkatherine together were amazing..they are so alike yet so different
Damonandelena LOOLL OMG!!!!!
Carina MacKenzie Yeah, I like Rebekah and Elena’s banter. It reminds me of Stefan and Damon in season 1.
Margarita jesus so 3 week hiatus?
Damonandelena remember when rebekah woke up thinking she was human? and Damon was GOINGG to kill her?!? LOL
Ashley They need to lock Kat/Elena/Bex in that diner and make webisodes
Christina Carina, do you think Elena will end the season with one of the boys, or on her own?
Mandy .
Margarita that’s craazy that the diner set is also The Grill set
Damonandelena @Christina  depends if her humanity is back
sarah smith @Christina i hope on her own..her identity has been lost to who she is currently paired with
Carina MacKenzie Oh, I don’t know. I honestly rarely think about Elena’s love life. I think it’s boring.
frank trout hey guys Damon would have killed Rebekah with that letter opener if she wasnt a vampire not cool
Damonandelena Stelena is boring and cheesy…
Monica Anders But you realize that’s what the majority of viewers are interested in, right?
Margarita lol
sarah smith @frank trout ya i was mad at him for that
Carina MacKenzie @Margarita I freaked out when I saw that the grill had been turned into a diner! I was like WHERE WILL MATT WORK?!!!!?
Rebecca I am only interested in Stefan’s love life.
Carina MacKenzie And Paul was like …chill. It’s only for today.
Damonandelena delena is amazing and passionate and consuming and fun…
sarah smith @Rebecca  lol me too!
Christina Does Matt have health insurance yet?
Margarita Maybe they should move to PA i like that diner
Gimme DEx NOW! Stefan’s love life should include Klaus
Margarita I want Matt and Bonnie to happen
Margarita Why haven’t Matt and Bonnie happened yet
Damonandelena LOl carina imagine if rebekah would have actually turned human.. she would’ve been killed after a second by Damon lol
Damonandelena so much for her human life… lol
Carina MacKenzie I mean… Damon wanted her to take the cure, so probably not.
sarah smith i would never forgive damon if he managed to kill rebekah..she is one of the best characters on the show
Avalon unless if Rebekah was cured she was a witch…
Carina MacKenzie He doesn’t REALLY want to kill her. Damon’s past murdering people because they annoy him.
Damonandelena @Carina MacKenzie but he threw her a knife…
Damonandelena but Damon was going to kill her… lol
sarah smith @Carina MacKenzie he would have killed her tho if she didnt catch that knife
frank trout her face was about to be ruined that was worse than death
Margarita I just don’t want Elena to take the cure what are the chances of her taking it honestly?
Carina MacKenzie It was a letter opener
Christina If she actually turned out to be human, I’m sure he would’ve given her his blood
Monica Anders Why didn’t Stefan catch it?
Monica Anders I guess he didn’t care if she died, either.
Carina MacKenzie wasn’t it?
Carina MacKenzie Katherine’s house was the worst, by the way.
Monica Anders Yeah it was, Carina.
Carina MacKenzie The WORST.
Christina @Carina, yes it was
Christina ew
Christina yeah
Tiffany @Carina MacKenzie i thought it was a letter opener
Gimme DEx NOW! There must not be any foreclosures in PA
Margarita idk I was focused on the fish tank the entire time
Damonandelena Katherine hurt Damon’s flawless face!
Tiffany @Carina MacKenzie Kat should have compelled the owner to let her in/not let other ppl in…but she prob killed them
frank trout letter openers kill!!! I had this uncle right…
Margarita seriously can no one touch Damon’s face I wasn’t feeling that
Ashley Damon being dunked was hilarious.
Rebecca I just don’t understand why they all don’t compell more awesome stuff
Rebecca it makes no sense
sarah smith @ashely lol i thought so too
Ashley Esp when he was arguing w/Stefan about it lol
Rebecca like why aren’t they in Paris?
Rebecca wearing Prada?
sarah smith @rebecca these are the questions that need to be addressed in the show lol
Carina MacKenzie @Rebecca Julie said that Elena got her fancy new wardrobe by walking into boutiques and compelling people.
Ashley And eating at Laduree?
Margarita Why don’t they just compel Elena to turn her humanity back on
Rebecca Ha. I love that!
Carina MacKenzie Don’t ask me why she decied to get a jean jacket from American Eagle while she was at it.
Margarita thats the real question
sarah smith @margarita ive been thinking that too
sarah smith i wonder if that is what matt asks rebekah to help with in 4×19
Monica Anders I didn’t like that red outfit Elena wore. :(  Loved her boots and jacket, though.
frank trout that’s what the originals are for Rebecca to show how klaus and Elijah created the Gucci line
Carina MacKenzie The Originals could compel Elena to turn her humanity back on, I think. Though maybe she’s been on vervain.
Margarita Surprised there’s an American Eagle in Mystic Falls tbh
Christina Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of her turning them off? She would feel all of that grief again
Carina MacKenzie Also… I don’t think the Originals give an F about Elena’s humanity.
Monica Anders Elijah would.
Ashley They could just bleed her out and then compel her.
Margarita Elijah does!
Christina Also, that would be too easy
Gimme DEx NOW! I think Elijah cares
Damonandelena @Carina MacKenzie I think Damon would ask rebekah
Rebecca Word. They def do not care.
Carina MacKenzie Ah, yeah, Elijah maybe.
Carina MacKenzie The others can not be bothered to dilate a pupil for her.
Monica Anders Just a silly plot hole.
Carina MacKenzie And Elijah’s got bigger fish to fry at the moment.
Margarita lmaoooooooooooo
sarah smith so were elijahs feelings for elena in season 3 just a projection for his lingering feelings for katherine?
Tiffany but does Elijah know that Damon asked her to turn it off via sire bond?
Rebecca Klaus needs to go so he can be Klaus again and stop chilling in people’s living rooms
Gimme DEx NOW! How is eli going to keep Klaus from getting the cure
Carina MacKenzie I think so Sarah.
Tiffany Maybe he thought she chose to turn it off, and that she’d turn it back off
Christina I just hope all of Damon’s manpain has a big payoff at the end of the season
Margarita what is Elijah going to do with the cure if not give it to Rbekah
Monica Anders Likely, Sarah.  Wanting Elena to be what his Katarina could’ve been.
sarah smith @carina def makes sense now
Carina MacKenzie Joseph Morgan was so good last night. That must have been an unpleasant episode for him to film.
Carina MacKenzie Sweaty and shirtless and screaming for three days.
sarah smith he killed it last night! one of his best performances
Gimme DEx NOW! lol
frank trout the originals are not there to serve mfg every need contrary to y’all beliefs
Damonandelena Silas is freaking me out….
Margarita I liked Klaroline in the episode prior to this one but last night i rolled my eyes the entire time
Ashley Shirtless Klaus was def an episode highlight.
Damonandelena how are they going to get rid of him?
Rebecca Do you guys think the other side will come back?!
Monica Anders @Christina I’ve come to expect that Damon will never be truly happy, that’s his lot in life. Now I have no higher expectations.
Anne So apparently Katherine loves Elijah now… what about Stefan? lol
Gimme DEx NOW! I think Silas could be the scariest character cuz you don’t know who is real and who is him
sarah smith @Rebecca  a part of me wants it to, but then a part of me doesnt..yes because i want lexi back!
Christina Do you think the writers will throw Damon a bone by the finale? He’s been loveless since 1864
Rebecca Alaric!
sarah smith and jeremy!
Avalon I don’t like how Silas isn’t a bigger focus right now. they should probably be a little more worried about that.
Margarita If Cult gets cancelled I guess
Monica Anders I’m a little bummed that they riffed Buffy’s The First for Silas.
frank trout that’s a lot of actors to pay for to come back what if some of them got fat
Ashley Yea they def copied Buffy’s the 1st
Damonandelena Damon obvious has to be happy in the end of the series… and we all know he will only be happy if its with Elena… soo DELENA ENDGA
Margarita its hard to not ripoff Buffy there’s only so much one can do in this genre lbr
Monica Anders @Damonandelena 11 I don’t think that’s obvious at all.
Carina MacKenzie They won’t bring back the other side. They can’t get all those actors back.
Tiffany I thought Matt Davis wasn’t interested in coming back. bc he wasn’t like the direction they took Alaric in?
Rebecca sad day
sarah smith what happened in buffy? i used to watch but never finished series
sarah smith that made it similar to silas
Carina MacKenzie Yeah, Matt left because he wanted to.
Monica Anders Well, they actively ripped off Buffy and Doctor Who in one ep, if you’re going to borrow from any shows, at least it’s the good ones.
Christina creative differences
Ashley @Monica So true!
Damonandelena how’s his show Cult doing?
Damonandelena I heard its doing bad….
Gimme DEx NOW! absolutely awful!
Margarita just as well as every other CW show thats not TVD lmao
frank trout @Damonandelena 11 it’s doing
Christina I haven’t watched it
sarah smith @Damonandelena 11 the ratings were bad to start, not sure how its been doing since they moved it to fri
Monica Anders @sarah smith The First Evil was the big bad in S7, and could take the form of any dead person.
Gimme DEx NOW! Had a 0.2 last week
Carina MacKenzie @Margarita Actually, TVD isn’t the No. 1 CW show anymore. Arrow is.
Avalon when Katherine was taking about killing Klaus, does she not realize she would die too?
Ashley Oh Arrow is aweesome.
Margarita I can’t wait for the graduation episode i just want happiness
sarah smith @Monica Anders ohh okay thanks!!
Monica Anders Not surprising, a lot of people are getting frustrated with TVD.
Christina @carina Rightfully so :) Love Arrow
Gimme DEx NOW! tvd has been beating arrow the last few weeks
Rebecca Oh yeah! Katherine wants to kill Klaus but does she know Stefan and Damon would also die?
Margarita I miss crying Elena its been 2 episodes i miss it
Rebecca or be human?
Gimme DEx NOW! does kat know that she would die too?
Rebecca I mean I think we’re still waiting on that big question: what happens if an original gets the cure
Ashley Maybe she doesn’t care.
frank trout @Monica Anders I don’t think it has anything to do with frustrations..arrow is new and absolutely great
Margarita because of the spinoff I dont think any Original will get it
Monica Anders @frank trout Well, I think it’s a combination of both.. I know many have stopped watching TVD this past year.
Tiffany I think she would care, since she wants her freedom. If killing Klaus/turning him human kills/turns her back, I doubt Kat would be ple
Tiffany pleased
Damonandelena actually ALOT of people have stopped watching the show because of what they’re doing with delena….
Ashley @margarita: Agreed, no sure for the Originals I think
Carina MacKenzie I think Rebekah will get the cure, but will choose not to take it.
Damonandelena I think I’m glad the originals are leaving…
Monica Anders Think she’ll steal it from Elijah?
Margarita Why would she choose not to take it I wonder?
Rebecca And give it to Stefan!
Carina MacKenzie No, I think Elijah will give it to her.
Damonandelena TvD will finally get back to its roots…
frank trout @Monica Anders the many you know will not impact ratings..TVD is in its 4th season the people watching now are hardcore fans.
Monica Anders Did any of them think .. what if the cure doesn’t actually work?
sarah smith @Rebecca  but then he will give it to elena lol
Carina MacKenzie I think that’s the challenge he presents her with in the prom episode.
Margarita I think Rebekah will see Elena totally freak the eff out at prom and will be like she needs it more then me
Avalon klaus wasn’t end Rebekah to have it too. I think klaus doesn’t care, as long as its not him.
Ashley Yea I think that’s his challenge too
Rebecca Does anyone think Elena will get it?
sarah smith klaus is going to want to use it on silas
Margarita So yeah maybe Rebekah gives it up for Elena
sarah smith @Rebecca  nope..silas is gonna have to get it right
Damonandelena I think Damon is going to be the one getting it…
sarah smith plus i think elena will eventually become human again but not yet..they havent really given her a chance to be a vampire really on her
Ashley I hope Elena gets it, I prefer human Elena.
Christina I think Damon or Elena will get it. Stefan would be too predictable I feel
Gimme DEx NOW! they have to get rid of Silas so ultimately he is the one who will have to get the cure
Carina MacKenzie I just think Rebekah will choose her brothers.
sarah smith @Ashley so do i!
Margarita my theory really is that Silas possesses Damon and then takes the cure
Ashley Family above all else with those Originals
Anne @Carina MacKenzie but the 19-49 ratings are still higher than Arrow… huch?
Monica Anders I’d love to see Elena be a vamp without all the other crap that’s been tied with it this season.
Rebecca @margarita that is a cool theory!!
sarah smith @Anne i think she means that arrow has higher total viewers, they get more than 3 million an ep
Christina I hope that if Elena turns human, she will take the positive character growth from this season with her and leave the ugly parts
Gimme DEx NOW! but we do better in the key demo
Avalon I don’t think Silas possesses people he just takes on their form.
Margarita I think they’re definitely going to go with a Damon and Silas story line it can sort of be like the books when Damon was possessed by
Margarita whatever the hell those things were
Gimme DEx NOW! I would HATE human Elena
Damonandelena I don’t think Elena is getting it…
Christina Also I’d love to see that human elena actually can be in love with Damon
Damonandelena all this season is about her transition… to just go back 100 steps ?
sarah smith @margarita the kitsunes? lol they were weird
Margarita yeah the kistsunes
Margarita kistsunes*
Anne @sarah smith but aren’t the 18-49 ratings more important bc of the commercials?
Damonandelena @Christina  weve already seen human Elena be in love with Damon
Gimme DEx NOW! Yes Anne I think so
sarah smith @Anne they are def huge because that is the target demo
Margarita they still take some things from the books its possible
Damonandelena don’t you remember her saying that she was too scared to admit what she wanted when SE was human?
Damonandelena she *
Kiki Vampelena is far more weired than the kitsunes
sarah smith @Anne they are because they are the target demo
Carina MacKenzie @Anne 18-34 is actually target for CW, not 49.
sarah smith @Kiki lmao! true that
frank trout who cares about ratings lol the only people watching in season 6 will be me carina Rebecca and people who don’t ship lol
Gimme DEx NOW! and tvd has been beating arrow in that demo
Damonandelena she always wanted Damon… even as a human… she was just too scared to admit it and act on it
Christina @damonandelena I do remember, but I’d love for them to actually be more direct about it and show it
Carina MacKenzie xox
Rebecca I ship!!! I ship Stefan with everyone! That is real!
Kirstin ConnecTV @Carina MacKenzie thanks carina!
Margarita hahahah ciao
Kirstin ConnecTV Nice to have you, Rebecca! You’re welcome any time :)
Tiffany @Carina MacKenzie Thanks Carina, have a great wknd!
Ashley Stean needsa  Kelly Taylor moment, choose you.
Christina Thanks Carina
Anne but 1.2 is still much better than 0.8 *confused*
Kirstin ConnecTV I’ll be posting the full transcript of today’s chat on ConnecTV’s blog later today!