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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Chat: Are Elena’s Feelings For Damon Real? Full Transcript

Pictures of YouTVD expert Carina MacKenzie held a chat in the ConnecTV Watercooler April 5 to dish about the latest episode of the hit CW show. Read the full chat transcript below!

Kirstin ConnecTV Hi hi hi
Damonandelena 11 can’t wait for the finale! :D
Ann Haha well I’m here!
Damonandelena 11 Julie says we’ll find out if Elenas feeling for Damon are real!
Monica Anders I’m eager to see what happens BEFORE the finale.
Damonandelena 11 well we already know
Carina MacKenzie I had dinner with Julie last night, and she asked me what I thought would happen in the finale
Ann I can wait for the finale. I hate haituses
Carina MacKenzie AND I HAD NO ANSWER
Damonandelena 11 but the characters don’t
Monica Anders It’s so hard to predict right now, because it could go so many different ways.
Gimme DEx NOW! did she have anything to say about the finale?
Damonandelena 11 LOL did she give u any spoilers?
Ann Well graduation, right?
Damonandelena 11 I feel Damon is turning human!
Carina MacKenzie No, she didn’t give me any spoilers :)
Carina MacKenzie One of the things I love about TVD is that the finales always blow my mind.
Carina MacKenzie Last year, I was SURE, 100%, that Elena would choose Damon.
Monica Anders Well, she tweeted that the finale was a little “bananas” so.. take that however you want. lol
Damonandelena 11 aww but they were waiting for the perfect moment!
Ann I want to see Damon’s crow one more time before and if he gets turned human lol
Carina MacKenzie What do you think is going to happen?
Damonandelena 11 and this finale I think she will choose him < 3
Monica Anders Sounds like it won’t be as emotionally draining as last year, but maybe more action-oriented? Silas showdown?
Damonandelena 11 I think Damon is getting the cure
Damonandelena 11 probably forced
Damonandelena 11 Elena will have humanity again
Damonandelena 11 the sire bond will be gone FOR GOOD
Gimme DEx NOW! as long as she doesn’t run into stefan’s arms I’m good
Damonandelena 11 and I really don’t know what else….
Carina MacKenzie I’ve been having a lot of trouble with the silas situation. What about you guys?
Ashley I think (hope) Elena becomes human.
Ann I don’t really see anyone getting the cure… it seems like they are making it a moonstone type thing
Carina MacKenzie I think it’s because he doesn’t have his own face. It’s hard to feel threatened by a guy who looks like… nothing.
Monica Anders All I know is that I want Silas to be *defeated* and gone. I think it’s been a fail as far as enemies go.
Lea Klaroliner Klaus is going all fairy godmother on caroline haha
Ashley Silas will make all the sense in the world if it’s Josh Jackson playing him lol
Damonandelena 11 have they casted someone?
Gimme DEx NOW! I have heard that we will see his “real” face, how can that be if they haven’t cast him yet?
Carina MacKenzie I think they might have cast someone. I’m not sure.
Monica Anders It worked okay on Buffy because it was legitimately frightening that this evil could look like people you love and trust.
Carina MacKenzie They JUST finished writing the finale, so if that’s his first appearance, maybe not.
Monica Anders But TVD hasn’t used that emotional connection (yet)?
Carina MacKenzie Oh, I did get one piece of info that you guys asked about last week — professor Shane is definitely dead.
Ann I did like how Silas played Caroline to show Klaus’ weakness, but it felt done before since the Klaus/Tyler/Alaric body swapping
Monica Anders But if his face is someone like Jeremy (he can only look like the dead), then that would be something special.
Carina MacKenzie @Monica Anders But we already know he can look like Caroline.
Monica Anders Caroline’s dead.
Lea Klaroliner Is it true caroline and
Monica Anders Vampires are all dead.
Lea Klaroliner caroline and tyler will break up in the prom episode?
Carina MacKenzie Ooh, gotcha. Good point.
Ann Caroline and Tyler are already broken up atm
Monica Anders If the Originals gets picked up, I’d like them to bring Tyler back if they can.
Carina MacKenzie I don’t want to give too much away about Tyler in the prom episode! I will say, from what I saw, Klaus isn’t about to give him a free p
Monica Anders Even though I’d like to see Caroline and Stefan get a chance, Tyler’s voice really became more valuable this season.
Carina MacKenzie I admit, my biggest disappointment this season was Tyler’s story.
Ann Does anyone think Katherine will go to The Originals?
Gimme DEx NOW! I like Stefan with Caroline
Carina MacKenzie It’s sad to see a guy go from a bully, to a hero, to a coward.
Carina MacKenzie @Ann Katherine can’t go to the Originals. Nina can’t be contracted to two shows.
Monica Anders Most disappointing because of a lot of potential.  Someone close to the group, but not TOO close.  Great point of view.
Gimme DEx NOW! Poor Nina would die if she had to be on 2 shows
Carina MacKenzie I wish Tyler had turned into a villain, and THEN gone out, to be honest.
Alex Woodson Chances of any Steroline moment at prom?
Alex Woodson even friendship ones?
Lea Klaroliner that would have been EPIC
Ann Totally didn’t think about that! Too bad… and that would have been great
Carina MacKenzie They never took advantage of the fact that Tyler was the ONE character who didn’t love Elena. The only one.
Monica Anders Oh yeah, imagine if they turned him into the big bad for the season.. and would’ve made more sense after that ep where they killed hi
Alex Woodson and I dont think it will happen cause all the tyler/klaus stuff
Lea Klaroliner klaus doesn’t love elena?!?!
Carina MacKenzie Yes, but Klaus had a lot invested in Elena as a human.
Monica Anders I like the Originals, but I need them out of Mystic Falls. I’m excited to get back to more basics on the show.
Carina MacKenzie He needed her to stay alive.
Monica Anders Even if they restart the show with them in college or whatever, I felt like the Originals kindof took over.
Gimme DEx NOW! Do you know anything David Anders being in Atlanta this week? Will we get an Uncle John appearance?
Monica Anders And I’m eager to see what the ramifications are for whatever Bonnie does this season.
Ann Can you imagine if they had stuck with the original plan and killed Klaus end of Season 3?
Carina MacKenzie I agree. The Originals were rich and deep, which is great… but they became more interesting than our original gang.
Alex Woodson Stefan seems to be sidelined a lot this season. Almost like a secondary character
Monica Anders @Gimme DEx NOW! No, he’s there to film another tv show, not TVD.
Carina MacKenzie No, David Anders is in Atlanta because he just joined the cast of “Necessary Roughness.” He won’t be on TVD.
Carina MacKenzie I mean, unless something verrrrry sneaky is going on!
Alex Woodson Carina what do you think is Stefan’s part in this season…for the rest of the season?
Gimme DEx NOW! Damn! Would like to see him appear to help Elena get her humanity back
Ashley I’m looking fwd to The Originals, TVD needs to end BIG for me to want to tune in nxt season.
Monica Anders People freaked out when Matt Davis was in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago, but it was while they were filming The Originals in NO, so
Monica Anders alarm.
erin mcmanus @Carina MacKenzie well I’m just hoping they bring Tyler Back as recurring status at least
Carina MacKenzie Hang on one sec guys — my doorbell is ringing! Give me 2 mins
Lea Klaroliner because the originals are more interesting! however i’m not sure if i want to watch it with hayley and that camille in it.
Lea Klaroliner i guess i’ll watch it just to support joseph
Monica Anders Hayley was a snoozefest of a new character, along with April.
Ann I’m excited to see Klaus’ vampire friend though. He sounds interesting.
erin mcmanus @Carina MacKenzie yeah I’ve heard people complaining about that & the fact that they’re killing too many imp characters
Monica Anders Killing off Alaric and Jeremy in the same season was.. a bit much for me.  One would’ve sufficed, thank you very much.
Lea Klaroliner I hated hayley before she slept with klaus and i hate her now
Monica Anders Wait, Alaric died last year, but whatever.  It’s a few weeks in MF time.
Gimme DEx NOW! I feel bad for Matt Davis that Cult sucks
Monica Anders Yeah, that’s too bad.
Gimme DEx NOW! I still watch it every week for him, but I just don’t like it
Lea Klaroliner wait who said that it sucked?! are the ratings that bad?
Gimme DEx NOW! They are awful!
Monica Anders Someone mentioned Stefan earlier, and I agree.  I feel like he doesn’t have an individual storyline at all.
erin mcmanus @Monica Anders yeah this letting people go from the show is becoming a bit ridiculous at this point. hope they bring some back ESP j
Gimme DEx NOW! Last week they had a 0.1
Carina MacKenzie Okay sorry!
Monica Anders He may not be my favorite, but he deserves better treatment as a main character.
Ann Haven’t seen Cult, but the previews seem like he has the same character?
Lea Klaroliner oh my god that is really really bad
Carina MacKenzie I agree about Stefan’s storyline feeling meh this season.
Ashley I feel like Damon/Stefan have been stuck in the same SL for almost 4 seasons. All about Elena, Elena.
Lea Klaroliner they only good thing is STEROLINE < 3
erin mcmanus @Monica Anders and I don’t know why the writers think thus is a good idea to let go of so much talent ..
Carina MacKenzie In the last few episodes, it has seemed like Stefan is only serving the purpose of exposition — explaining and explaining.
JaneBenn Stefan is alot of fun when he’s the ripper
Monica Anders Yeah, but I think because of Damon’s closeness w/Elena this season, he’s had his own trajectory that’s been ineresting to me.
Alex Woodson Yea it’s weird
Carina MacKenzie I WILL say that I loved his speech to Damon about moving on from Elena.
Alex Woodson will it stay like that?
Ashley They’re these great vamps and they’re gonna stay in Mystic Falls for ONE girl? Go to Paris or London and have a fling…anyone!
Monica Anders @JaneBenn I agree so much, he’s so great as the Ripper.
JaneBenn Carina, Stefan must say the word “cure” every friggen minute
Alex Woodson I feel like he will have a huge part in the end of S4 though
Gimme DEx NOW! I hope it is true that he wants to movge on
❤ Forwood is Epic â @Carina Do you think there’s a mini chance that Trevino will be back next season even just a recurring? Trevino is everything :)
Gimme DEx NOW! move
Gimme DEx NOW! or the word sire bond
Monica Anders I think it was all big talk, he wants to mean it, but he won’t ever do it.
JaneBenn I also loved Stefan’s scene with Meredith…all heart eyes
Carina MacKenzie I know Trevino hopes to come back, not sure what the situation is with deals yet.
Gimme DEx NOW! Maybe he could meet someone at college next year
Carina MacKenzie @Monica Anders Of course he won’t do it. There won’t be a show.
Gimme DEx NOW! he can move on without leaving the show
Monica Anders No, but I mean even emotionally. And I get it, it’s a triangle show, but it would be ballsy to end that and give him his own dynamic sto
Ashley Would love for Stefan to get a new love interest next seaosn
erin mcmanus I have to say TVD is still my favorite show but the last 5 episodes haven’t felt like the same show to me , not sure how I feel about th
JaneBenn I agree TVD needs some new blood esp once The Originals move on to their own show
Carina MacKenzie What do you guys think of the description for the Originals pilot?
Carina MacKenzie I’m hearing that it’s going to be VERY good, but with a decidedly more adult tone.
Ashley It’s more interesting then anything that’s happened on TVD lately.
erin mcmanus @Carina MacKenzie love him! he deserves to come back!
Lea Klaroliner meeeh
Monica Anders Eh.  Not that interesting to me, but I’ll wait to see it.
Lea Klaroliner i’m just watching it to support jomo
Ashley And moreover it was sexy and new and also year more adult sounding.
Gimme DEx NOW! and Daniel
Monica Anders The MF stuff sounds like filler, and the NO stuff is a lot of setup. Interested in the final Klaus/Elijah scene, though.
Ann I’m excited to see different characters!
erin mcmanus @Carina MacKenzie I don’t know if I’m interested but ill give it a shot I guess
Lea Klaroliner but it still bugs me that hayley will be in it
JaneBenn I think The Originals can tackle more serious subjects
Lea Klaroliner and that camille girl
Carina MacKenzie The MF stuff kind of is filler – it’s only about 15% of the episode
Gimme DEx NOW! Hopefully Hayley is the first one to get killed off
JaneBenn Given the maturity of the cast, relatively
Monica Anders I think the show will resonate with people if that relationship (and w/Rebekah) is done well.. the rest of the cast won’t be as important.
Carina MacKenzie How can Camille bug you when you haven’t even seen her yet?
JaneBenn Vampire Diaries is teenagers stuck as teenagers forever (how awful)
Carina MacKenzie From what I read of the script, she’s my favorite new character. She’s got a very startling backstory.
Lea Klaroliner i think you can tell from my name
Alex Woodson Im super excited for the Orginials
Ashley I’ve actually like the actress playing Cami, I think she’s really good so I’m excited.
Monica Anders So much is unknown, it’s hard to predict if we’ll like it, really.
❤ Forwood is Epic â @carina do you think there will be lots of crossover between the two shows?
Ann Any hints??
erin mcmanus @Carina MacKenzie but I don’t like that it’s taking the place of one of TVD’s episodes. I feel like we’re getting jipped even though we
Alex Woodson but I feel like I cant say much now until i see it
JaneBenn I’m excited but I just don’t know if I can handle another show to follow
Carina MacKenzie @erin mcmanus we get an extra episode this season, anyway. :)
JaneBenn I’ve followed TVD faithfully since ep 1; can I handle yet another?  Don’t know.
Monica Anders If it’s picked up, do you see WB scheduling it after TVD on Thursdays?
Lea Klaroliner but oh well i am happy for joseph and he seems very excited about it
Carina MacKenzie @Monica Anders Yeah, I assume it would land after TVD.
Ann What is Camille’s personality like?
Carina MacKenzie But they might try to spread the wealth and use it to help strengthen another night.
steveo @Carina MacKenzie It swould be BUFFY/ANGEL all over again
Monica Anders They did that with Angel for a while after Buffy, before moving it to its own night once it gained an audience.
erin mcmanus @Ashley  that’s how I feel HATE yo say it but feels like the shows gone downhill a little the last few eps
Gimme DEx NOW! that is a bad spot. Originals won’t last more than a season in that time slot
steveo @Monica Anders They didn’t move ANGEL until BUFFY changed networks
JaneBenn With cable boxes that allow you to record and on demand services it almost doesn’t matter when shows air anymore
Monica Anders I think TVD’s been weird the last few eps because we’re dealing with a main character we’ve never seen before, it’s uncomfortable for
erin mcmanus @Carina MacKenzie ha ha! yeah I know , I ran out if room to say that but never enough for me!
steveo I think next year might be the CW’s year
Gimme DEx NOW! I love this new Elena!
steveo I think this is the year that the dependence on Nielson dies
Carina MacKenzie Well, next season, Nielsen is changing its policies.
Ann @steveo That would be so good…
kate macdonald Phoebe Tonkin is a good actress but the character Hayley has always seemed a bit pointless/irrelevant to me.
erin mcmanus @JaneBenn  very true, I DVR everything – never watch anything live
Monica Anders How are the policies changing, Carina?
JaneBenn @eric TV schedules are so packed on some nights; its the only way to watch things
❤ Forwood is Epic â @carina do you know anything on the last 3 eps of the seasons? Or you just know until 4×20?
chas @Carina MacKenzie What to?
Alex Woodson what do you think the chances of Stefan getting his memory wiped are?
Carina MacKenzie Nielsen will start to include online & streaming ratings.
erin mcmanus @Carina MacKenzie It’s about time! hopefully tvd will still have as many viewers,
Monica Anders That’ll help certain shows, especially shows aimed at younger audiences, no?
Carina MacKenzie @kate macdonald Hayley was brought in to TVD specifically for the purpose of moving on to the spinoff. So her relevance starts then!
JaneBenn @carina that only works with legally tracked streaming; won’t work with uploaded torrents
Gimme DEx NOW! I think tvd’s ratings are going to go up if they include online
Alex Woodson They hinted at it half way through the season so if he wants to leave, maybe a memory wipe will keep that from happening
Alex Woodson since we all assume Stefan wont end up leaving because well obvious reasons i guess
Carina MacKenzie I don’t understand what started this rumor about Stefan’s memory.
Damonandelena 11 lol… are we seeing more of April?
Carina MacKenzie @JaneBenn Yeah, because uploaded torrents are illegal, and stealing, and generally gross.
Lea Klaroliner @Damonandelena 11 hopefully not
Lea Klaroliner lol
erin mcmanus @Carina MacKenzie haven’t heard that one
Ann @Carina Probably Rebekah offering to wipe the Stelena crap, not that I think its valid.
JaneBenn @carina; I know. I watch legally whenever I can but sometimes when its a show from the BBC or ITV not avail here I have no choice
Monica Anders People start rumors based on what they WANT to see happen, or speculate based on one scene in one episode. It gets out of hand so
Carina MacKenzie @JaneBenn No, the choice is not to steal people’s work. But anywayyyy.
❤ Forwood is Epic â @monica i agree :)
erin mcmanus @Monica Anders I agree it’s definitely been off- not entirely liking it
Carina MacKenzie The idea of wiping stefan’s memory of his love for elena is interesting, but I think it’d feel repetitive.
JaneBenn @carina, totally get that; but sometimes the little overseas communities built help bring a show over to North America
Carina MacKenzie Since we essentially just saw Elena wiped of her emotional connection to the boys.
Alex Woodson Well We have seen Elena break Damon and Stefan’s hearts over and over
steveo @Carina MacKenzie and we spent half of last season wondering i Stefan stil loved Elen or not
JaneBenn @carina. about that emotions thing…is it totally NO emotions because the bitterness and cruelty is still there; somewhat emotional no?
Alex Woodson when will we see Elena get her heart broken?
Ann Well everything Stelena seems very repetitive to ne…
Monica Anders @Alex Woodson LOL, yeah, the show has no problem with repetition.  It’s kindof its bread and butter.
Gimme DEx NOW! Elena’s heart will be broken if Damon dies
Carina MacKenzie @JaneBenn The connection is lost.
steveo @Alex Woodson have you ever watched this show, it’s called THE VAMPIRE DIARES?
Ann @steveo hahaha
Carina MacKenzie Kind of on a new topic — I was reminsicing about season 1 and 2 last night.
Lea Klaroliner Oh please it’s only a matter of time before elena regains her humanity and goes all golden vagina on the salvatores again
chas Does anyone else think it might be Katherine at the prom and not Elena?
Gimme DEx NOW! No it’s Elena
Carina MacKenzie If you could show just one episode to a friend to get them into TVD, which episode would it be?
JaneBenn @Lea I hate the terminology “golden vagina”
Carina MacKenzie No, it’s Elena at the prom, not Katherine.
Gimme DEx NOW! 2×08
Alex Woodson The Lost Girls
❤ Forwood is Epic â @carina 2×11 :)
Alex Woodson Why would Katherine care to mess with Stefan/Damon?
Alex Woodson shes all about Elijah now lol
Ann @carina just rewatched! I love Masquerade for its action…
Lea Klaroliner the pilot?!
Damonandelena 11 1×19!!!!
Monica Anders To give them a sense of what the show’s about.. Lost Girls.
Gimme DEx NOW! Definitely not the pilot
Damonandelena 11 where Damon and Elena dance!!
chas @Carina MacKenzie The bracelet she was wearing in one of the pics made me wonder.
Lea Klaroliner masquerades also good
Carina MacKenzie Lost Girls was the episode that made me fall in love with the show.
Mandy 2×22!
ღ eLeNa ღ Agreed. Masquerade.
Gimme DEx NOW! or 1×19
Damonandelena 11 that’s how I started watching TVD! from 1×19! I ran into the delena dance on YouTube
Carina MacKenzie Yeah, loved Masquerade. Except for the end.
Monica Anders I think it was the first episode that they really put everything together and we could see how good the show could be.
Ashley Dangerous Liasons S3 Sucker for a ball
Monica Anders (re: lost girls)
Lea Klaroliner lost girls was the first one I watched actually
chas Isobel was one of my fav’s
Ann @Carina Which end of Masquerade? Damon standing up to Katherine?
Monica Anders Remember how fast the show burned through plot points? I miss that.
JaneBenn I miss aunt jenna
Carina MacKenzie No, Elena getting kidnapped.
chas @Monica Anders me too
Monica Anders Now it’s a whole season about one topic and one person.
Ann @Carina, yeah that did seem added on
Gimme DEx NOW! last season people bitched bc there were so many twists and turns and no character storylines, now this year they bitch cuz there’s not
Gimme DEx NOW! enough action
JaneBenn Wow Dex, there’s tons of action
Carina MacKenzie It seems like this year, they’re focusing much more on internal struggles.
Lea Klaroliner it just feels like tvd has so many plot holes
Lea Klaroliner season 1 was the best
Carina MacKenzie Caroline’s battle with her feelings for Klaus, Stefan trying to get over Elena
Monica Anders No, last season I complained because of *how* they were building twists that were ridiculous. Big difference from S1 & 2.
Carina MacKenzie Elena being a vampire, then the sire bond, then the humanity switch
Carina MacKenzie It’s all a little under-the-surface
JaneBenn Ok best ep this season was O Come All Ye Faithful, for me anyway
Kirstin ConnecTV @Damonandelena 11 lol
Lea Klaroliner what about the cure? that was a big story line.. or silas
steveo @Carina MacKenzie Well, their big bad is kind of neutered
Monica Anders Yeah, but it’s all overshadowed by CURE – SIRE BOND – SILAS.  And it’s tiresome.
Ann Also the struggle of morals… Can o still be good and do these things?
steveo and their new one isn’t even an actor yet
Carina MacKenzie @steveo DEFINITELY neutered.
Carina MacKenzie Also, I continue to kind of hate the way Bonnie’s story works, but oh well.
JaneBenn @Carina I agree….Bonnie is in and out too much
steveo @Carina MacKenzie I said “kind of” because we get glimpses of Old Klaus but only like every ten episodes
Monica Anders Oh, they are just a mess about how to write Bonnie.  It’s tragic.
Ann I thought Caroline killing the witches helped that moral grey struggle a lot.
Lea Klaroliner Bonnie has a story?!
Lea Klaroliner Did I miss something? haha
Carina MacKenzie @Ann How so?
Lea Klaroliner She gets way too less screentime
steveo @Carina MacKenzie Every year with Bonnie, it’s like “she is important this year because MAGIC” but then nope
JaneBenn I’d love Bonnie to be more integral as Willow was in Buffy
Damonandelena 11 I’m glad the originals are leaving so TVD can go back to its roots… but the originals doesn’t Appeal to me…
Anne Elena seems very hurtful towards Damon at the prom. What’s the story there?
Monica Anders Honestly? I bet you money that Caroline will not mention or deal with killing those witches again.
Monica Anders It happened as a plot point, and it will be forgotten.
Alex Woodson she is trying to be a bitch
Ann @Monica very true…
Gimme DEx NOW! she has no feelings she is trying to get him off her back about taking the cure
steveo @Monica Anders LOL like when she killed her mom’s deputies that one time
Carina MacKenzie @Anne Elena doesn’t care about Damon or Stefan.
Alex Woodson whose Bonnie’s date? you think MAtt maybe?
Monica Anders @steveo Yep, never mentioned again.. didn’t impact her in any way.
JaneBenn @Carina even though Elena doesn’t care; she must have a plan or agenda…wonder what it is
steveo @Alex Woodson I’m just sayin’, if we’re brigning people back to life, “people” can include Luca
Damonandelena 11 I think Damon Is going to make Elena start ‘feeling’ again and that’s why she’s going to push him away and hurt him
Alex Woodson I dont know about Damon
Alex Woodson I dont know about Damon
Ann @steveo @Monica, or how Jenna hasn’t been seen and barely mentioned since she died?
Alex Woodson It wouldnt really make sense if Damon was the one to bring her humanity back
Anne Julie said we will see someone taking the cure. Any clues like if it’s a she or he??
steveo @Ann I aways forget that they didn’t even have her pop up during the ghost arc
Monica Anders I hope it’s not Damon or Stefan that brings back her humanity.
Gimme DEx NOW! why she is the one who brought his back?
Damonandelena 11 I hope it’s Damon
erin mcmanus @Gimme DEx NOW! I liked last year! hate how they’re cheapeningDE though- 1st w/ sire bond now w/ no humanity- annoying!
Alex Woodson I honestly have no idea how she will get her humanity back
Carina MacKenzie @steveo That was about contracts, not writing. Sara was working in Canada.
Alex Woodson but I feel like it would make no sense if it was Damon
Ashley I’d love the girls to bring Elena’s humanity back.
steveo @Carina MacKenzie oh was she already working on PRIMEVAL?
Damonandelena 11 since Elena brought Damon’s back. I think Damon bringing Elena’s would be beautiful < 3
Carina MacKenzie @steveo She was shooting her movie.
Carina MacKenzie @steveo The western.
Monica Anders @Ashley That might be hard if Bonnie goes Dark Willow and if Caroline is holding a grudge at all. lol
steveo @Carina MacKenzie oh that western dealie
Alex Woodson I wouldnt say Elena brought Damon’s humanity back
JaneBenn I hope Elena’s return to humanity is triggered from her own desire to reclaim her memories…of her brother, of her parents
Gimme DEx NOW! I don’t think the sb cheapens de I think it is going to make them stronger and will add another kink when Damon has to turn back to
Gimme DEx NOW! next season
Alex Woodson he already had his because he was obsessed with getting Kat back in S1
erin mcmanus @Lea Klaroliner I TOTALLY agree! was just going to say that myself!
Damonandelena 11 I MISS HIM SO MUCH
Lea Klaroliner @erin mcmanus wait what do you mean? :D
Gimme DEx NOW! ‘that doesn’t mean his humanity was back just bc he wanted Kat out of the tomb
Monica Anders The show isn’t very clear about humanity/emotions, etc.  They muddy it up as much as possible.
Monica Anders Damon clearly had *some* emotion when he returned, love for Katherine, hatred for Stefan.
Damonandelena 11 I think it was 1×03 when Damon was getting his humanity back < 3
steveo @Monica Anders it’s almost as muddy as real emotions/humanity
Carina MacKenzie Damon’s humanity was back by the time Lexi showed up in Season 1. That’s why he killed her.
Damonandelena 11 when he was watching Elena!
Carina MacKenzie Because since he had his humanity, he felt guilty about everything he’d done WITHOUT his humanity.
Monica Anders @steveo Yeah, but I’m talking in relation to the dreaded “switch” and what it does or doesn’t do.. they’ve never been clear about it.
❤ Forwood is Epic â @carina If the spin-off gets picked up I know that they will start filming in ATL to allow crossover but eventually are they moving to
Gimme DEx NOW! right but Elena is one of the reasons he let those emotions back in
erin mcmanus @Carina MacKenzie which is really annoying DE fans are left Still waiting for them to happen.
Damonandelena 11 remember Stefan saying “there’s nothing human left in Damon….” and Damon was staring at Elena < 3
Carina MacKenzie @❤ Forwood is Epic ❤ No, they’ll film in ATL mostly. Moving is expensive.
Carina MacKenzie You guys HAVE to stop thinking of DE vs. SE like it’s going to be some… equal thing
erin mcmanus @Carina MacKenzie working in Canada?
steveo @Carina MacKenzie maybe they’ll do what they did on GLEE this year and take occasional field trips
❤ Forwood is Epic â @carina So it’s not really about crossovers lol Will there be lots of crossovers between the 2 shows?
Carina MacKenzie Just because SE were happy for x amount of episodes doesn’t mean DE will be happy for that long.
Carina MacKenzie Or vice versa.
erin mcmanus @JaneBenn  I’m hoping it will have something to do w/ Jeremy. yes!
Alex Woodson chances of Elena being completely single next season>
Alex Woodson ?
Carina MacKenzie Crossovers will happen occasionally, but that requires new deals with the actors to be made, so they’ll be rare.
Ashley Everyone needs to be single nxt season, Elena/Damon/Stefan
steveo @Alex Woodson All season? Even I can answer this one. Zero.  The show is a romance
JaneBenn @carina, so agree…this whole DE vs SE business is tired;
Gimme DEx NOW! well that would be boring
Carina MacKenzie Elena was single for most of Season 3. I think there’s plenty of chance she’ll start college single.
Alex Woodson TRUE
Ashley That would be fantastic. Elena needs a Kelly Taylor moment, choose you lol
JaneBenn How about we support Elena being an “independant woman” who doesn’t always need a man to be with her
erin mcmanus @Damonandelena 11 sure hope so! I’m still so mad about that dumb decision to kill him, and I don’t want him back as a ghost but bac
Damonandelena 11 whatever… all I know is DELENA is endgame < 3
Monica Anders That’s why I think it would be ballsy for them to END the triangle and really set forth to try new stories for them.
Alex Woodson oh goodness
Carina MacKenzie @Damonandelena 11 Can you not with the shipping? Take it to your tumblr.
Ann actually you don’t
Carina MacKenzie @Monica Anders Ha, they’re not going to end the triangle.
steveo I dont get why people who dont like triangles even like started watchign the show
Monica Anders Oh, I know.  I said it would be ballsy, which is why I know they won’t do it.
steveo did they not see any of the promotional material?
JaneBenn Sexual and romantic tension enriches a story but it can’t be the sole purpose for sticking with it
Gimme DEx NOW! exactly. that is what the show is about I just wish that DE could be happy for more than 2 episodes if that
JaneBenn At least not for me. LOL.  Otherwise I’d be watching a sad Nicholas Sparks movie
Carina MacKenzie I think the triangle will end if, and only if, one or more of the main 3 decide not to return after season 6.
Ashley @Monice Anders: I agree with you, that’d make the show fresh and exciting again, but no they don’t have the balls to do that
Monica Anders It’s tiresome at this point.. I think fans of both couples feel frustrated and a bit used, for lack of a better term.
erin mcmanus @Gimme DEx NOW! me too and without any questions regarding sire bonds, etc.
Alex Woodson So what is Damon’s point this season? Like what do you think his big revelation could be? If there is one
steveo @Carina MacKenzie Are the regulars contracted out to five or six?
Carina MacKenzie @Monica Anders That’s the problem with being a fan of a couple, instead of a fan of a show.
Monica Anders I really think the show is ending after 6 seasons.
Carina MacKenzie @steveo Regulars are contracted for 6.
JaneBenn @Carina I’m wondering why we aren’t seeing more same sex story lines on the show?
steveo One of my favorite recappers said about a certain finale recently: “… and shippers get what shippers always want, which is the end of
Carina MacKenzie My guess is that it’ll continue past 6 as long as 2/3 main cast stick around.
erin mcmanus @Monica Anders I agree and now with them letting go of Michael and Steven the show is getting aggravating, much as I love it
steveo … story”
Ann Is Candice a regular or reccurring?
Carina MacKenzie And my guess is that 2/3 will stick around.
Carina MacKenzie Candice is a regular.
JaneBenn Kevin has been doing it in The Following… heck even mainstream TV shows do. Why not TVD?
Alex Woodson lol I bet Paul would leave then
Damonandelena 11 pretty much Ian and Nina have to stick around
Gimme DEx NOW! I don’t think Paul will stick around
Alex Woodson but it would be crazy to go on without the male lead
Carina MacKenzie @JaneBenn The lack of gay characters on TVD has ALWAYS bothered me a whole lot.
steveo @Gimme DEx NOW! I imagine Paul just wants to be human
Damonandelena 11 there’s no show with out Elena obviously… and obviously without a Damon
Monica Anders @Carina MacKenzie In theory, I agree. But the show is also COUNTING on people loving one or both couples, they RELY on it.
erin mcmanus @Carina MacKenzie oh I wish I could favorite this cause I So wish I could be a little less of a couple fan. I did liove other aspects of th
Carina MacKenzie @Alex Woodson Ian and Paul are on equal standing as far as the “male lead” goes. One isn’t above the other.
Damonandelena 11 Stefan… well I can survive without a Stefan…
Alex Woodson well then all leads
Ann @Carina @Janebenn and the only gay character they had was an antagonist
JaneBenn I’d love to see Paul Wesley in more good quality films; he’s got that movie star vibe to me
Alex Woodson still would seem pointless without Stefan
Alex Woodson but I would also love to see Paul do other things
Carina MacKenzie @Monica Anders I strongly disagree with you. I don’t care about the couples. And I LOVE the show.
Gimme DEx NOW! I think they should make Stefan gay and have him go to NOLA to be with Klaus
Carina MacKenzie In fact, I think most viewers don’t care which way the couple pendulum swings, as long as it’s compelling and exciting.
steveo @Ann not just an antagonist but a puritanical maniac antogonist who spouted a …
Carina MacKenzie It’s just that the shippers tend to be more vocal… and more internety.
steveo … lot of anti-vamp shit that sounded an awful lot like anti-gay shit
Monica Anders @Carina MacKenzie I didn’t say that people like you didn’t exist, but the show itself focuses greatly on the triangle, they want the fan
Ann @steveo exactly! it was so abysmally disappointing to me
JaneBenn @carina — so true; I just care that the story holds well together; the DE vs SE is not the main draw
Alex Woodson I agree about shippers and being vocal
Monica Anders choose a couple, to be passionate about it, to pull for someone.. it’s not wrong, it’s how it works.
Carina MacKenzie The problem with shipping, is that you guys live to find out who ends up together.
Ashley @Monica Anders’ You def have a point given the way the CW handles the promos and such.
Carina MacKenzie And why watch 100+ hours of a TV show if all you care about is the ending?
Monica Anders It’s why so many shows *have* triangles, they’re tried and true to gain passionate fans.
steveo @Ann I know they never once had any intention to, but they should have Gone There with Jyler haha
Carina MacKenzie Come back later.
Alex Woodson I think it’s the way they do it though?
Alex Woodson I use to care a lot about couples
erin mcmanus @Carina MacKenzie ha ha I’m a guilty party and you are correct. I do like other aspects of the show though
Carina MacKenzie @Monica Anders I didn’t say it was WRONG. I just think it’s bizarre.
Alex Woodson but now it just seems like too much
Gimme DEx NOW! It is about watching the journey and buildup of DE
JaneBenn @Ann and @steveo I so want to see same sex storylines; it bothers me that they haven’t do it yet
Damonandelena 11 @Gimme DEx NOW! YES
Alex Woodson it just doesnt make enough sense anymore
Carina MacKenzie Def agree with you guys re:gay storylines on TVD.
Alex Woodson so i just whatever about couples now
Ashley They need a gay one next season, Matt needs more friends lol
Carina MacKenzie It bothers me that there are 10 main characters and zero that are not heterosexual, as far as we’ve seen.
JaneBenn @carina do you think the story will ever leave Mystic Falls?
❤ Forwood is Epic â @Carina Are they shooting 421 or 422 right now?
❤ Forwood is Epic â @Carina Are they shooting 421 or 422 right now?
Carina MacKenzie I think that on a TV show geared toward teenagers, that’s a bummer.
Ann @Steveo haha yes! or even Stefan/Klaus. There could have been a deeper story there
Alex Woodson I doubt the show is mainly just about the buildup of DE
erin mcmanus @Alex Woodson yeah what is Damon’s point!????
Alex I’ve always thought Klaus’ sexuality was rather ambiguous…
steveo @Ann Stefan and Kaus is waaaaay too much to hope for at this point
Alex Woodson Yeah I feel like this will be the season that Damon finally changes a bit?
steveo oh good more gay super-villians
Carina MacKenzie Um… some news.
erin mcmanus @Carina MacKenzie is Kay graham? or Zachary roerig?
steveo duh
Alex Woodson like learns a lesson, has a revelation or something
Gimme DEx NOW! After having lived 1000 years how can you not have dabbled
steveo did anyone really think he was leaving?
Monica Anders was just reading that right now, carina.. ineresting
Ann @Steveo haha I like both. and yes, I know…
Damonandelena 11 JEREMYYYY
JaneBenn @carina it will be a flashback or silas vision thing
Damonandelena 11 I think it’s going to be Silas……
Ashley I think the other side comes back for a hot minute JUST so Jeremy can appear and bring back Elena’s humanity OR at least that’s what
Monica Anders It’s either the way Elena re-gains her humanity or he’s Silas.. maybe it works as both.
Alex Woodson Carina have you seen the prom episode yet? any Steroline interaction at all?
steveo No way do they kill a main character ten mintues after putting resurrection on the table and let it stick
erin mcmanus @Damonandelena 11 just hope he’s not back just as a ghost only..
Carina MacKenzie I can’t see them taking down the veil because of how many people would have to come back for that, but you never know.
Alex Woodson Who is Caroline going with anyway? Like why does Elena get 2 escorts? This chick
Damonandelena 11 it’s probably SILAS…
steveo If OXYGEN doesn’t go, we should get Anna back
Carina MacKenzie The thing about TVD is, it’s really a family. Even when people are killed off, they still love Julie & the cast.
❤ Forwood is Epic â I think it’s Silas :(
Carina MacKenzie So they tend to be happy to return.
Damonandelena 11 or a ghost
JaneBenn @carina and gang I loved chatting with you all but have to exit the chat room
Carina MacKenzie Unlike with other shows, where characters leave and then refuse to come back ever.
JaneBenn see you all next week — love this Carina…
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Ashley I bet Bonnie stops the veil drop BUT not before Jer gets to come thru and save Elena.
steveo @Carina MacKenzie and Lexi’s actress sent me a tweet that kind o made me feel like we’d see her again soon
Gimme DEx NOW! I’m sick of seeing Lexi I wanna see Ric or Jenna or someone else
steveo @Carina MacKenzie to be fair about those OTH people, no one ever got fired from TVD for obvious $$$ reasons
Damonandelena 11 carina are we ever getting a flashback of Damon as a kid?
Carina MacKenzie Haha! Ok I have to sneak away now. Heart you guys!
ღ eLeNa ღ Personally, I love the actors but I think once someone dies, they should stay dead.
Monica Anders Later, Carina.
Damonandelena 11 tell Julie that we have to see Damon as a kid!!! and a mama Salvatore
Carina MacKenzie Happy Fridayyyyyyyyyy